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How to go back to school

by Joshua Drew Smith

Updated on March 01, 2016 at 09:37 AM MST

School Building

Going back to school was a hard decision for me. I was over 30 years old, I have a wife and kids, and the prospect of having homework again made me sick. But after a heartfelt and prayer-filled deliberation, I decided it was the best thing for my family. Even though my kids would miss their dad for a while, the long hours of both going to school and working full time would eventually pay off. I am now nearing the final few weeks of my time at the Ogden-Weber Applied Tech College and it has been a good ride. I feel I have learned a lot, and gotten my feet wet in this huge new world of computer programming. I feel like my next step will be to start at a 4 year university and earn my Bachelor's degree. I know it will be hard, but well worth the time and effort.

How to go back to school? I guess you need to look at your situation and determine if it is the best decision for you. I highly recommend it. Find a school near you, take the first step. Make an appointment and talk to someone. It's not as bad as you might think. The first step is the hardest, and for me the rest just fell into place. Good luck!

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This is my first blog. My intention is to provide information for beginners, using information that I have learned along the way. Maybe it will be useful to someone? :)